Smart Savings Advice

Staying in a pre-planned wedding budget is a top priority for many couples when planning their wedding. We have some smart savings tips, tricks and advice to help keep your budget on track.

Loft 84 Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

1. Re-Purposing Your Flowers

This is a big one! The gorgeous blooms of your dreams can end up taking a huge chunk of your budget. Save on floral costs by discussing with your florist different ways that you can reuse your ceremony flowers for your reception. For example, pew flowers can be placed together to form your sweetheart table centerpiece, or you can have arrangements that lined your aisle way be used as the centerpieces for your reception tables. Search our Preferred Florists

Loft 84 Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

2. Combining Your Rentals

Does your caterer offer a package that includes dinnerware rentals and linens? Or does your florist include candle and centerpiece stand rentals? Take advantage of good bundling deals and avoid paying multiple vendors for pick-up and delivery charges. Search the ProVenue Preferred Vendors

Citrus Park Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

3. Hold Your Wedding All At One Venue

Having your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception all at one location is much cheaper than renting multiple venues and having to transport your rentals and decor to separate locations. ProVenue venues, Loft .84 and Citrus Park, both offer multi-room spaces for all of your wedding events.

4. Consider Having Your Wedding at a Park

Parks are generally cheaper and include scenic backdrops. ProVenue venue, Citrus Park, offers gorgeous sunsets, historic and fragrant orange groves and magical California elements.

Loft 84 Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

5. Cut Down Your Guest Count

Reduce your guest list to save money on place setting rentals and cut down on meal costs. One way to trim down the numbers is by making your wedding an adults-only event.

Citrus Park Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

6. Simplify Cocktail Hour

Pass on the multiple appetizer stations and instead choose one hearty and filling appetizer display, like an artisan cheese table. Search our Preferred Caterers

Loft 84 Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

7. Trim Down Your Reception Time

Are you thinking of adding on 2 more hours to your reception? An average wedding is 5 hours long with a majority of weddings losing 75% of their guests by 10 PM. Adding extra hours can also add up quickly when you consider having to pay the venue, your wedding coordinator, and all other wedding vendors and wedding staff for the added on hours.

8. Keep An Open Mind to New Ideas

How about skipping the formal dinner all together and opting for a brunch and mimosa bar instead? Want live music for your ceremony but can't afford the 5-piece band? Contact your local college's music department for a lower-cost musician option.

Loft 84 Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

9. Choose an Off-Season Day

In Southern California, there isn't a slow season. You CAN save about $1000 by having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday when you book a ProVenue venue though. Search the ProVenue venues.

Loft 84 Wedding Venue Riverside, CA

10. Have a Smart Hosting Plan for Your Bar

Depending on your guests, a wedding bar tab can go rather quickly. Consider having your hosted bar amount cover only beer and wine, or only host cocktail hour. One fun option is for both of you to create a signature cocktail and have your drinks free for the night.

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