How To: Budget

Weddings can quickly add up when you start figuring out just how much your dream wedding will cost. If staying within your budget is high on your priority, we have a few cost effective tricks to help you stay in your spending zone.

  • Bringing in rentals always costs more because you have to pick-up delivery charges for each of your vendors.

  • Hold your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all at one venue. This is much cheaper than renting multiple venues and transporting your decor to separate locations.

Parks are generally cheaper and include scenic backdrops.
  • Reduce your guestlist to save on place setting rentals and cut down on meal costs.

  • Simplify cocktail hour and pick one hearty and filling appetizer display like an artisan cheese table.

  • Consider trimming down time on your reception. Thinking of adding on 2 hours to your reception? An average wedding is 5 hours long with a majority of weddings losing 75% of their guests by 10 PM. Also, adding an extra hour at the venue doesn’t cover the costs for your vendors, coordinator, or wedding staff.

Only host beer & wine but offer a cash bar for guests to purchase additional drinks.
  • Having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday will save you approximately $1000.

  • Have your favors double as escort cards.

  • Keep an open mind to new ideas. How about skipping the formal dinner all together and opting for a brunch and mimosa bar instead?

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