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ProVenue Verified Beauty Professionals

Kaitlin Irish Hair

Most brides want to look like themselves on their wedding day. Some might say a better version of themselves.​​

Kaitlin believes you're already your best version and appreciate the beauty and individualism that defines you. Her goal is to highlight all that is you while elevating your hair for your big day!

Her approach is tempered, balanced and rooted within a modern aesthetic. Looks are chic and seemingly understated, but with powerful impact. From the welcome party to the ceremony and post-wedding day brunch, her clients feel their absolute best and ready to begin one of the most important celebrations of their lives!

Makeup Artists

Beauty Lab Studios

 The owner and founder of Beauty Lab Studios, Mary, has been passionate about makeup and hair for over 14 years. 

She stands with her philosophy that every bride should be in a relax atmosphere and be treated like a princess on their wedding day. Mary and her glam squad are your extra bridesmaids, your hype women, and to relileve your stress out of your wedding day.  Will always be their to give you that hapily ever after atmosphere. Not only that, trust her and let the Beauty Lab Team captivate your elegance and beauty.


Artistry by Drea

“Beauty is a state of mind. It’s not just the makeup, it’s an experience.”

Drea understands that a bride’s wedding day is one of the most memorable days of her life. It is her wish to ensure that the bride and her bridal party look flawless and feel weightless and radiant on both her wedding day and in the pictures which will forever capture the special day.


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